• Swasti Foundation was established in 2000, and was registered as a Charitable Trust under Section 12-A of the Income-Tax Act 1961. The Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees (BOT).
  • The Foundation is into education, health-care, literacy, literary and linguistic development and social welfare with a special focus on Bihar.
  • The basic approach of organizational work is Optimum Mobilization Of Local Resources, Institutional Development, Capacity Building, Participatory Approaches in social upliftment and Recognition of the Creative talent in Mithila. more..
  • We view India not as a collection of fragments, but rather as a socio-cultural space that offers a mosaic - with so many religious, ethnic, linguistic, regional and socio-cultural groups -- which fit together in a whole. We also believe that rather than depending only on official support, we think it is important for many of us to begin contributing to the welfare of our own speech communities. more..
  • We are a nascent organization with many dreams, and we are making efforts to fulfill them - one by one. more..
  • We hope to get cooperation from all sections of the society in this activity. We want you to contribute generously (and avail tax exemption) but more than that, we want your valuable suggestions, too. Do write to us.

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